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Cost and weight reduction

Driving down vehicle cost and weight in automotive

For carmakers, reducing the cost and weight of their vehicles is a constant challenge. While many organisations take action at the production stage – either by using cheaper versions of the same vehicle parts and systems or by improving efficiency across the supply chain – there are more substantial savings to be made by optimising cost and weight while the technical concept is still under development.

At this stage, savings can be made through a number of methods. These include benchmarking, designing the product to meet business cost targets (‘design-to-cost’), designing products that are easy to manufacture (‘design-to-manufacture’) and system simplification. These measures can, however, be time consuming and costly.

The PA Perfect Cost Grid® – the first web-based benchmarking and cost-engineering platform for the automotive industry – gives cost engineering and development teams fast and affordable access to the comparative data they need to achieve significant reductions in vehicle weight and cost.

Access up to 1,000 ideas for reducing production time, product cost and vehicle weight

The PA Perfect Cost Grid® database gives you access to around 1,000 ready-to-deploy suggestions for reducing cost, weight or manufacturing complexity, either across the value stream of an entire vehicle or for individual components. The database includes:

  • 200+ top ideas with the potential to deliver an overall cost reduction of up to €300 per car and a simultaneous weight reduction of up to 75kg per car
  • 250+ green ideas for technical changes with the potential to deliver a weight reduction of over 200kg per car
  • 640+ ‘cash’ ideas for using proven technical approaches to reduce costs by a €1,000 per car.

Search for cost and weight reduction ideas by car, system or component

Search the database by car segment, entire car, system or component, and use the product, process and weight-change categories to find the ideas you need.

Identify the ideas that deliver the biggest cost savings for your vehicles

Calculate the overall savings you can achieve by using the information on current technical and targeted stage, cost-saving potential for annual volume, investment required and impact on parts. This information is given for every PA Perfect Cost Grid® idea.

Stay abreast of the latest developments in automotive technology

We are adding up to 1,000 new ideas to the PA Perfect Cost Grid® every year, covering material substitution, function and part integration, technical concepts and process changes.

The PA Perfect Cost Grid® is informed by PA’s extensive experience in the automotive sector. We have worked with almost all leading global car makers and suppliers – including Fiat, Inalfa and Magna – and our work covers all segments, systems, cost drivers and programme phases. We bring fresh thinking to cost and weight reduction challenges, and have realised long-term savings totalling hundreds of millions of euros for our clients.

For using the PA Perfect Cost Grid® to achieve cost and weight savings on your vehicles, or for a personal presentation, please contact us now